The products

The product range in the emporium is inspired by the Via Francigena, offering technical items and a fashion collection linked to the “journey” (which could be anything from an hour to several days long) and designed for those who walk the Camino, to nourish body, mind and soul.

Here you’ll find:


since 2010 handcrafted equipment for Canicross & Dog Trekking


cycling helmets made in Italy:
comfort, safety and design in one product.


the ultimate all-round outdoor equipment company since 1870


innovation and technology combined in trekking footwear


since 1936, leisure footwear without forgoing style


technical clothing for trekking, running, cycling


a world of accessories to simplify the traveller’s life


everything you need to travel with your four-legged friends


tailor-made garments Made in Italy for dogs

The exclusive VIAnDANTE collection offers excellent Tuscan and Italian products, enhanced by original details.
Our garments are instantly recognizable for the exquisite quality of the materials, fabrics and fine yarns: Casentino cloth, jacquard, moleskin, linen, cachemire, merino wool, cotton, straw and saddle hide.

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