The emporium

The ideal destination for those who see travelling as one of life’s purposes and each journey as an opportunity to better themselves. The ideal departure point from which to set off on the right foot.

VIAnDANTE is inspired by the trip along the Via Francigena made by Sigeric, archbishop of Canterbury, who travelled to Rome in the year 990 to receive the pallium from the Pope, a symbol of archiepiscopal dignity.   During his return journey, he kept a diary in which he wrote down the 80 stages (between Rome and the departure for England, near Calais) of what would become known as Sigeric’s Itinerary.
Our logo depicts two keys. In this way, it recalls the destination of the pilgrimage: the keys of St Peter in Rome, that pilgrims would once carry attached to their bags, as the pilgrims tackling the Camino de Santiago do today with shells.
Our emporium is in San Quirico, in Via Dante Alighieri, just a stretch of the Via Francigena.